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Our goal is to offer never before seen treats and collectibles experience, to illuminate and expose one's senses to the vibrant, unique, and rich culture of the Japanese. Kari Kari's passion will bring modern Japanese candies and snacks that partner in amazing fusions of taste with long-time American treat staples, not widely available in our USA stores. The nostalgia of candy and toy coin machines is not just local to America either! As they're called in Japan, Gashapon or Gachapon machines, over time, have grown this wonderful, exciting, and visceral experince into complete store walls and dedicated malls. Expounding on any possiblity for suprise you could imagine.You can find us at conventions, events, concerts, and festivals throughout the southeast. Visit our Instagram and website as well to check out products, convention dates, and request service for your next concert or event. 

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